A day of drinking in Vienna

During summer 2016 I spent three weeks in Vienna, in the lead-up to an important industry event I attended. Vienna is an amazing city—classy, intimidatingly aristocratic, with a sublime architecture and a lot of great places to eat and drink.

In this Vienna drinks guide I will share with you some of my favourite bars and restaurants where to drink something special, from early in the morning to late evening.

The map

Vienna is not as big as other European capitals, but this tour still requires some form of public transportation. Luckily Vienna’s underground network works well and taxis aren’t hard to find, so if you want to try all these places in one day, it’s totally doable.
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Nuvolari cocktail

Very classy cocktail that I had in Affini, a very nice restaurant & bar in the heart of Turin, Italy. Yes, the city where vermouth was born. This cocktail is made of Campari bitter, vermouth, chinotto-based liquor, lemon juice and simple syrup. Tell me if you wouldn’t like one now…

Unusual Milano-Torino

Milano Torino with a cherry

A “when life gives you cherries” moment. I had a bottle of Campari I wanted to finish, a bottle of Martini Rosso I look forward to finishing, no oranges and a bag of frozen cherries… so I thought “let’s do it”. After all, making cocktails is an exercise in creativity, isn’t it?