Home Bar Essentials

Whether your goal is to impress a friend, entertain your guests, or simply enjoy a drink made by you the way YOU like it, a well-stocked home bar is a must. And most importantly, it’s a lot of fun.

There are a lot of misconceptions on home bars. Money and space are two comprehensible downsides: both spirits and glasses cost a fair amount of money, and storage space at home is never enough. Therefore it’s easy to feel that the task of building a home bar from scratch is daunting to say the least.

The truth is, stocking a home bar can be affordable and simple, if you know where to start.

If you’re just getting started, my golden rule is this: start from what you like. If you enjoy Negroni’s, start from a decent gin, a good vermouth, and Campari. And Old Fashioned glasses. If you also like Manhattan’s, add a whiskey and cocktail glasses to your collection. The presence of cocktail glasses in your home bar will also justify the purchase of a shaker. Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Here is my comprehensive guide on how to build the ultimate home bar. Enjoy!