I’m Franz, nice to meet you!

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I am a frequent traveller. I believe when you travel, whether for business or pleasure, one of the better ways to connect with people is over coffee or drinks: no matter what culture you’re from, or wherever you’re travelling, one thing you and I probably have in common is that we both know our preferred method of brewing coffee or our favourite drink. We both have that one drink we make ourselves or order more frequently.

In this website I hope to give people who travel a chance to learn about and perhaps try authentic drinks from around the world—or at least from the destinations I personally visit.

About me

I was born and raised in Italy, and now live in the UK. I’m a product manager at the Oxford University Press, and my day-to-day life at work is at the intersection of product thinking and high level publishing. I also enjoy creating things with my favourite content management system, open source contributions, and public speaking. I have far too many passions—music and bass guitars, tv series and movies, fitness, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, independent media and so on.

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