How do you decide which bars and restaurants to eat and drink from?

It mostly depends on the situation, on the place where I am, on the reason I’m travelling for.

If it’s for work, I’m usually tied to what other people decide or where I’m invited to—and that’s completely fine. When I travel for conferences, for example, I get to hang out with a lot of locals, so I trust they know where to go.

If I get to decide, and I’m in a big city, Foursquare rarely disappoints. I like it better than TripAdvisor, because the rating system is straightforward and the reviews are actually tips, so they’re short and sweet.

When Foursquare doesn’t have much, walking around and using your gut feeling is a better method than you think. If you see a place that is packed and doesn’t look like a tourist trap, go for it.

How do you drink so much? Isn’t it dangerous?

I think it’s safe to say that alcohol is dangerous indeed and you should be aware of its risks.

I’m not a doctor, so don’t take anything I say on this regards too seriously. As far as I know, your body sees alcohol as a poison, so when you ingest some alcohol, your body fights it back. The good news is, the human body is equipped for fighting it back through a series of chemical reactions. But this doesn’t mean that the body always wins easily.

Being aware of this is important to enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly. I don’t think I drink much—most importantly, I only drink to appreciate what I drink and never, ever drink for the sole purpose of getting drunk.

If you notice that you can no longer appreciate what you’re drinking, or if you start feeling sick, stop drinking immediately.

Any tip for not getting drunk easily?

Again, I’m not a doctor, so take my tips for what they are—just things that work for me.

Eating is key. If I’m drinking wine or beer there’s a fair chance I’m pairing it with food. If I’m going out for drinks, I eat beforehand—preferably a real meal, with complex carbs, fats, and plenty of protein—and I tend to have some snacks while drinking.

Staying hydrated is also super important, during the day, while drinking alcohol, and afterwards. Ask for a glass of water here and there between drinks.

Any tip for working effectively while travelling?

Most of the time “I can work as long as there is an Internet connection” is nothing more than a myth. The Internet connection has to be stable and preferably fast. I normally stay at Airbnb’s or hotels, therefore I either look for reviews that mention Wi-Fi quality or ask directly—never be afraid to ask for a speed test, but don’t forget to include instructions on how to do one.

As a side note, when I’m travelling, I like working in coffee shops, but hunting for good Wi-Fi in coffee shops might take time. Do your research beforehand, and don’t rule out co-working spaces in case you have one day with epic tasks or important calls—they’re everywhere these days.

How did you make this website?

I started this website on 2017’s new year’s day, just for the pleasure of building something quick and fun. The original idea was to put together a public archive of what I drink. Over time it evolved into a drink & travel blog.

I bought the domain from GoDaddy, host the website at SiteGround, and manage content and design with WordPress.