Hilltop Wot Hop

Wot Hop Hilltop Brewery

Excellent Pale Ale brewed in Bassano Romano, Italy, and enjoyed in very charming pub in Milan. They have this thing going on—you have to guess the hops they’ve used in your bottle, as they change according to the production number on the label. Mine is L17005, which isn’t featured on their website. I’ll ask them to comment here and reveal which hops they’ve used!

Birra Messina

Birra Messina bottleYou know what? You don’t always have to go for a hoppy fruity some-fancy-adjective craft beer. Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking the good stuff (and if you follow this journal you know what I’m talking about), but sometimes all you need is a refreshing lager, like the old times. This one smells and tastes like a sunny afternoon on the beach, eating a big slice of focaccia and having the time of your life with a bunch of old friends.